Outriders Worldslayer: Endgame Details – This is how the new dungeon lures you

Tom Henry

Developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix announced details about the endgame of the Outriders expansion Worldslayer in the evening as part of a new live stream.

A new “dungeon experience” called The Trial of Tarya Gratar was introduced, which the developers say should offer you “hundreds of hours more gameplay”.

Play over and over again

According to People Can Fly, The Trial of Tarya Gratar is fully replayable and was designed with “high replay value” in mind. You can find out the background of this new area in the context of the new story of Worldslayer, for spoiler reasons we didn’t go into detail about it.

In any case, The Trial of Tarya Gratar consists of a new, fully explorable environment. Different weather conditions as well as day and night scenarios are also possible. On your way through you will encounter numerous enemies and also exclusive opponents.

As expected, the resistance grows fierce as this adventure progresses. The starting point is a base camp at the starting point. It basically has everything you know from other camps in Outriders. There are traders, you can craft things, customize the character and so on. Whether you’re victorious, giving up midway, or being defeated, you’ll end up here again and again.

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temptations along the way

At regular intervals you will come across crossroads that will lead you further along the main path. On the other hand, there are areas off the main path to explore and it should be worth it. These so-called “troves” are optional sections that are specifically tailored to loot farming of Apocalypse gear.

It goes without saying that they are not easy to handle as a result. Each of these optional areas focuses on equipment loot for a specific slot. In one place there are helmets, in another you will find breastplates. According to People Can Fly, completing a run in The Trial of Tarya Gratar rewards you with “tons” of items.

The Troves also present you with different challenges, such as encountering new types of enemies or dealing with new boss mechanics. The developers say it’s a “high risk proposition”. But also one that can be worthwhile for you. There is no time pressure, there is no time limit and you can take as much time as you want with a run.

For example, one of the new legendary sets in Worldslayer is Heat Seeker. As a set bonus, it comes with the Thermal Bomb ability. After triggering, it travels from one enemy to another up to three times and deals damage, although the damage decreases with each jump. But what you can compensate for. The “Trigger Sequence” ability in the PAX skill tree increases the damage of explosive skills by 25 percent up to three times in a row.

According to People Can Fly, a perfect example of the synergies that can arise in the game. It pays to fine-tune weapons, mods, and skills.

A new enemy type, however, are the Shadowbeasts, they are referred to as “the assassins of Tarya Gratar”. They usually appear in groups and they can stealth, even when moving. They’re trying to position themselves to throw a punch at you. You can discover them on the one hand by effects on the environment around them, for example by means of tracks in the water, or by abilities with area damage. But be careful: they have an attack that can briefly block your abilities, leaving you with your weapon to defend yourself.

In other words: It won’t be easy. But that’s not the goal behind The Trial of Tarya Gratar either. For anyone who wants to repeatedly search for new equipment, this could be just the ticket.

Outriders: Worldslayer will be released on June 30, 2022.

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