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Tutorial with practical advice to clean the PS4 controller inside and out

How to clean the PS4 controller correctly

The dualshock 4 controller It is the most suffered peripheral of PlayStation 4. Regular console players know that this device takes A lot of dirt, so some care is imperative. Many steps can be taken to avoid that wear excessive control. Are Tricks to extend the life of the remote control and you will enjoy it much longer. It is recommended to clean the PS4 controller thoroughly and the process is quite simple. In this guide we explain what materials you need to remove dirt accumulated.

It is completely normal for the controller to get dirty on a daily basis, but remember to put it away when you are not using it. Although it is fashionable to expose the controls next to the console, that will only cause it to get dirty sooner. The dust is in the air and is deposited even in the smallest holes. occasionally we can clean the outside of the remotebut also inside. In that case, here are the most recommended steps to clean device In a simple way.

  • How to clean the PS4 controller from the outside (without opening it)
  • How to clean the PS4 controller inside
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How to clean the PS4 controller from the outside (without opening it)

How to clean the PS4 controller

You only need alcohol, a cloth and some swabs to clean the PS4 controller

Before you start, remember disconnect ps4 console so as not to accidentally turn it on. You should know that this cleaning not a solution against possible failures, although keeping the controller clean can avoid problems in the future. It is important to have on hand cotton swabs, chopsticks, and a microfiber cloth that does not give off lint. With this and a little alcohol you have everything you need to clean the outside of the knob.

  1. Mix a little alcohol with water to wet the cloth.
  2. Wipe the remote with the damp cloth to disinfect it.
  3. Now dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and clean the details of the controller gently.
  4. Use the toothpick to reach the tighter places.
  5. Rub again with a dampened stick to remove any debris.
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Perhaps the trickiest part of this process is insert the toothpick in holes and slots in the knob. The PS4 DualShock has many lines where dirt accumulates, so you have to insist on these areas without pressing. We refer to the borders of the buttons, the touch panel trim or the triggers, the lines of the frontal desEsports Extrasand without a doubt the space where the front joins the back of command.

How to clean the PS4 controller inside

This would be a good surface cleaning of the controller, but now we are going to explain how to open the DualShock 4 controller to clean it inside. You don’t have to be afraid of disarm the DualShock controller, but it’s better to follow a tutorial if you don’t know where to start. You need the same materials that you already had, although you will use the canes more cotton for hard-to-reach areas. command Dualshock 4 has many differences with the PS5 DualSensestarting with its structure. But with these steps it’s hard to get lost.

  1. remove the 4 screws from the rear.
  2. Carefully insert the tip of a flat screwdriver and pry it up.
  3. Lift the back of the controller and remove the white ribbon cable.
  4. remove the drums and pull up on the connector (image).
  5. Remove the screw from the black piece to get to the plate.
  6. Now you can detach the front part of the controller and clear all.
How to clean the PS4 controller

Before cleaning the interior, you have to disconnect the battery from the controller

In this way, the dualshock 4 controller completely. And we can clean almost piece by piece (buttons, levers, triggers), using the cloth and the canes only inside the casing. The rest of the electronic components can be cleaned with a dry cloth if necessary. After cleaning all the pieces, remember to dry them to put them back in place. Finally put the board in placeconnect the battery and the ribbon cable to close the back.

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