Over 25,000 runes per minute in the Elden Ring with a kamikaze bird. This is the fantastic and simple trick of the Mohgwyn Palace

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In any Soulsborne The usefulness of farming goes beyond simply having more life or strength without much effort and in less time, but rather this helps you to use a weapon that requires some attribute that you were not paying much attention to until that moment. And with Elden Ring it’s the same.

The best of all? That there is an area that leaves the simple in diapers I farm of the ball of 240,000 runes every hour. And how much are we talking about now? rough way, over 25,000 runes per minute. And this translates into a whopping million and a half runes every hour. It is complete madness. In addition, to top it off, we are facing a I farm much safer than any other, eye.

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The best area to farm is in Mohgwyn

Elden Ring

There is only one problem: first you must complete the mission of the church of the Rose to be able to access Mohgwyn Palace, the hidden area of ​​​​the Siofra River located further east, as we indicated in another Elden Ring guide. And when you have reached said Palace, you must activate the place of Grace when climbing the stairs (for safety) and after this go to the extreme southeast of the region, having to border the north first and then the east and central zone of this little map.

Elden Ring

As soon as you activate this second place of Grace, the process will be extremely simple, unlike the journey there (almost any enemy can kill you with one touch, mind you). You will simply have to climb on the rock that is seen in the image above and shoot an arrow at the giant bird in the background.

It is capital that you do it from there and not from the precipice where Grace is, since the trick does not work there: from the farthest rock you will force the bird to run away and fall into the void, giving you over 11,000 runes effortlessly. Or, if you use the gold scarab as we told you in another guide, 13,245 runes. And as you will see, the process will allow you to repeat it twice a minute after resting in Grace and without risk. Think of it as more than 25,000 runes per minute, with all that that entails. It is a real savagery!

Take advantage of this trick wisely, anyway. Don’t break the game by pumping up stamina points to get more health or cranking up strength or resistance attributes like crazy. Only if you get stuck with a boss or to meet the requirements of a better weapon. Or simply to improve the appearance of items with Arcane.

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