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Overwatch 2 announces a new penalty that can cause controversy

New measures are coming to Overwatch 2 to end toxicity in the game.

Overwatch 2 announces a new penalty that can cause controversy
Blizzard gets tough on toxic players. New measures to end them.

Every day competitive games are more fashionable, unfortunately, it seems that people do not know how to behave in this type of installment. Whether it’s Overwatch 2, Valorant or the like; heThe attitudes of the people who frequent this type of delivery are usually really badfrom cheaters even disrespect, racism, machismo… A scourge that should end soon.


This happens for both text and voice chat, that’s why Blizzard is going to take new measures in its well-known “Matrix Defense” for Overwatch 2, and it is that now they will be tougher. If you want to know what the company has in mind, keep reading because many of you will be interested, perhaps we are one step closer to ending these situations.

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Blizzard takes Overwatch 2 seriously: harsh penalties arrive

These sanctions begin by placing more emphasis on voice communications, that is, they will monitor them better. This means that those players who are not cheaters but do decide to team up with a cheaterwill also be penalized. And of course, it will also affect the attitudes of some players towards others, as we mentioned before, insults and bad attitudes.


The technology that Blizzard will use for this audio control will be an AI that transcribes audio to text. According to them, this tool that they are going to use is “really effective” to detect abusive messages and language that may be directed at other people. Right now Overwatch 2 is already working on silencing or suspending those bad players.


Overwatch 2 and Blizzard want to end toxicity.

In addition, the company has also talked about the cheatersand it is that he recognizes that they are a problem. Blizzard has already taken down more than 50,000 accounts related to the issue of hacks. Now, starting in Season 3, action will also begin to be taken against users who decide to team up with one of these cheating players.

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Of course, those actions will be just as harsh, because even if you are not using those hacks, you are intentionally gaining an advantage. Blizzard will cause all these accounts to have a very long ban and in rare cases, a permanent ban.. And this Matrix defense aside, Blizzard will also improve the game for streamers.

On this occasion, a mode will be enabled to try to avoid the sniping during the direct. For those who are not placed in this world, basically the sniping is to know what game he is in streamer and where he is moving so as to gain a clear advantage against that person. Now the content creators will be able to hide their names and those of the other members of the lobby. This will make them not know what game you are in.


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