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Overwatch 2 introduces us to Sojourn, the first of its new characters on video

The April 26 finally start the closed beta of Overwatch 2 on PC, and for us to open our mouths Blizzard has distributed a new video in which we are introduced to Sojournthe first of the new characters that will include this long-awaited sequel to the successful first-person action title.

Sojourn, the first of the new Overwatch 2 characters

In addition to being the first black woman that we can control in the saga, have a powerful railgun capable of firing lightning bolts at high speed, while his secondary fire allows him to unleash all of his stored energy at once with a devastating cannon blast. Among her abilities, her ability to slide along the ground at full speed stands out, which promises to make her a very agile fighter and one that will not be easy to hit. It also has a special shot that allows it to slow down and damage enemies that are within its radius of action.

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A long-awaited sequel

Overwatch 2 is a game that was originally announced in 2019 and among its main novelties include new heroes, maps, modes and mechanicsas well as a purely PvE mode in which we can cooperate with other players to overcome all kinds of missions with their own story.

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Those, After the delays that the title is suffering, the company has decided to launch its competitive and cooperative modes the latter will arrive later, something with which the studio hopes to be able to release the sequel earlier than expected to revive the community’s interest in the saga.

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for now, still no confirmed release dateso we still have to wait a while to find out if we can finally launch into competition this year or not.