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Overwatch 2 Players Are Dissatisfied With New Competitive Matchmaking System | we are xbox

The competitive part of the Overwatch community since the beginning of this new stage for the franchise have shown little acceptance of the matchmaking systems, this has led those responsible for the game to make new changes. However, Overwatch 2 players are unhappy with the new competitive matchmaking systemas it seems that the skill gap in this system could continue to hurt lower ranked players.

Since the beginning of Season 3, some Overwatch 2 players feel that ranking up in competitive mode is easier than before, but on the other side of the coin. there are those who feel that it is still very complicated when facing teams with a wide difference in skill level. With the implementation of some features that worked in the first Overwatch, they were expected to fix many of the problems in the game, however, the competitive section leaves a lot to be desired and players have expressed it on Reddit.

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Once again Overwatch 2 players are not satisfied with the recently introduced new competitive matchmaking system

User sail10694 started a discussion via a reddit thread which was directly related to Aaron Keller’s post on the official Overwatch 2 website. Since the changes to the matchmaking system have not convinced fans, they have raised their voices. for more fair changes in competitive matches. The article published on the game’s website indicates that the participants claimed scenarios in which Platinum and Bronze players were paired in the same game.but this has been changed so that from now on Bronze 1 players can face up to Gold 5 players.


Similarly, Overwatch 2 players are not happy with the new competitive matchmaking system, as the skill gap is still very exaggerated between a Bronze and a Gold player. However, this decision could have been made so that finding games does not take longer, in the same way, to reduce the stress of the players after losing a game that took a long time to start.