Overwatch 2 receives a patch with adjustments to mouse sensitivity and other aspects

Blizzard Entertainment has announced through its website the release of a new update patch for Overwatch 2. The objective of this patch is none other than to fix a number of bugs, most notably an issue where Competitive Role rankings in Career Profile would be blank or where owning all items in a Hero Pack would show a price of €0.00. You can consult the notes in full here.

Also fixed a bug that caused mouse sensitivity values ​​with decimals to be rounded to whole numbers. On the other hand, Overwatch credits in the Battle Pass are now silver, not gold, to help distinguish them.

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The changes in the heroes are minimal. Fixed various Symmetra bugssuch as the excessively long cast time of Photon Barrier and the new sentry turrets, which are no longer created if destroyed by the environment.

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A hero shooter with a spectacular playable base

“That Overwatch 2 Going back and establishing itself in the market will depend on Blizzard’s ability to solve its problems, feed it with new content and satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding audience in the face of the enormous offer of free competitive games out there, which is why there are still He has a lot to prove. However, the base is there and it could hardly be better. Not only does it have an exquisite desEsports Extrasand fantastic gameplay, but these virtues are reinforced by characters and a universe that exude charisma and deserve to be able to shine in style,” we concluded in our analysis. You can consult our guide if you want Know thoroughly the characteristics, strengths and vulnerabilities of all heroes.

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