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Overwatch 2: Season 3 starts today with all these news

The third season of Overwatch 2 It starts today and comes loaded with new features, such as a new control map, new theme, new battle passes and game modes available for a limited time. There will also be events, special rewards, and some new features, improvements, and balance adjustments have been added. Blizzard has shared all the news on its official blog, although you can see highlights then:

  • New control map: Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Asian mythology as the main theme of the season.
  • Kiriko Amaterasu mythical skin, inspired by various Japanese deities.
  • Valentine Event: Hanzo’s temporary 4v4 game mode and support-themed challenges.
  • skins and cosmetics One Punch Man March 7th.
  • PachiMarzi is back with a new confirmed kill game mode and tons of rewards
  • 10 more tiers of rewards in the Free Battle Pass section.
  • 1,500 credits to earn and spend however you like in the heroes gallery.
  • 500 credits to the premium section.
  • Peak and Legendary Event Skins Overwatch original (300 in total) to the galley of heroes.
  • Legendary skin price reduced from 1900 Credits to 1500.
  • Four skins that can be obtained outside of the battle pass through in-game events and a ton of free cosmetics

In addition to all these news, Blizzard has announced that one day before Valentine’s launch AmorWatch, a text dating sim that non-canonical in which players will be able to choose between two possible routes as an appointment: Mercy or Genji. You can play on this website until February 28 in Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, French and English. The total duration is about 30 minutes, and if we reveal the secret ending we will get a themed highlight play.

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Our opinion of Overwatch 2

“It’s hard not to leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth after playing Overwatch 2“, we told you in our analysis of the game, which continues: “It does not stop giving us the feeling of being a camouflaged relaunch instead of a true sequel, but that even so manages to be entertaining due to the very good playable base that it boasts and the improvements it has received, among which stands out the fact that the games are now from 5 against 5. It is a game capable of offering a lot of fun and that has its successes, but that He doesn’t get rid of his own problems either.such as a slow and questionable progression system, a not-so-well-balanced squad and a very low number of new features”.

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Overwatch 2 is available as free to play on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. In vandal you can find a complete wow to get the most out of the game.

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