Overwatch 2 Season 7: Rise of Darkness starts October 10

Tom Henry

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overwatch 2 season 7: rise of darkness starts october 10

Blizzard Entertainment has announced season 7 of Overwatch 2: Rise of Darkness in a recent trailer, revealing new content and Halloween-themed skins. Instead of Junkenstein’s Revenge, the main attraction is Trials of Sanctuary, a new PvE mode created in collaboration with Diablo 4.

In this new mode, players control heroes like Inarius Pharah, Reinhardt Imperious, Demon Hunter Sombra and more, fighting Zomnics and bosses like Butcher Roadhog and Azmodan Wrecking Ball in a creepier version of Blizzard World. New weapon upgrades are earned through progress, culminating in a battle against Lilith Moira.

There are 17 new Halloween skins this season, available in the store and in the Premium Battle Pass, including the new Onryō Hanzo Mythic skin. A new Control map, Samoa, is also coming, and Sombra is getting its long-awaited overhaul (with Roadhog arriving later in the season).

Season 7: Rise of Darkness will be released on October 10. You can see the trailer below.

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