Overwatch 2 shares Ramattra’s first gameplay, and with his moving abilities we can say that he imposes

Overwatch 2 will be 2 months old next December. It may not seem like much, but these first steps have been crucial both in establishing its player base and in making it clear that Blizzard doesn’t mess around with this game. free to play. As part of its Season 2, the game will welcome Ramattra, a bigard omnic that generates in us a mixture of panic and admiration with his first gameplay.

The new Overwatch 2 hero is, indeed, and considering his height and bulk, a tank. Although it follows the typical scheme of a tank with high health and a prominent shield, we are talking about a one of a kind character. Facing combat, we have already commented that Ramattra will have 2 forms: Omnic Formwith 450 health points and focused on defense; while his Nemesis Form increases your health to 600 points and modifies an ability to focus on damage.

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As we have commented on other occasions, Ramattra will have 4 skills plus his Ultimate, but until now we had no confirmation from Blizzard about these. Is Ultimate Ability under the name of Annihilation (at least in its direct translation from English) turns us into an unstoppable and large beast that generates an energy field around it that will do damage to enemies.

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in said gameplay we can see how movement will not be restricted using Annihilation, so we can use it to generate even more fear on the battlefield and put pressure on opponents while we advance with the load, for example. You can take a look at said post to see carefully what the abilities of this character are (we have updated the table today).

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Remember that this is only the first of an extensive list of videos that the American team has prepared for us. Tomorrow will follow a batch of 5 trailers focused on the character and his design, and throughout the next week Blizzard will focus on previewing Season 2 content.