Overwatch 2: Simple trick massively reduces queues and server problems on PC – but has a disadvantage

Tom Henry

Since the release of Overwatch 2 on October 4th, the game has been plagued with problems. Thousands of players complain that they cannot gamble. However, a trick has now been discovered that can bypass queues and the like. Because one region does not seem to be affected by the problems.

What is this trick? You can choose a game region in Overwatch, at least on PC. To do this, click on the globe icon next to your game version in your Battle.net client. Europe should be set here by default.

But if you change the version to Asia, you should be spared the enormous queues and server problems from now on. Players report that there can still be waiting times, but these are drastically shorter than in Europe.

Blizzard is currently suffering from DDoS attacks. Since the Asian servers are not affected by problems, at least for the time being, we assume that the attacks are mainly focused on Europe and America.

According to our information, a region change for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch is not possible.

Blizzard released a video about hope for the launch of Overwatch. Since then, many players “hope” for a better connection:

Unleash Hope – Overwatch 2

What’s the downside? If you access the Asian servers, your connection will take longer. That means: your ping is higher. For comparison, we achieved the following values ​​in our tests:

  • on European servers about 25-30 ms
  • on Asian servers between 40-50 ms

So you have a ping that is around twice as high, which can be noticeable under certain circumstances, for example if you and an opponent meet at the same time. However, the connection is still good enough that you should normally only notice a few effects.

But if you play a lot, you definitely have to get used to the slower connection. The “feeling” is simply different and deviates enough to be perceived as annoying.

Players warn: “It will be flooded”

The trick has also partially made the rounds in the community, although it has remained largely undiscovered. There are a few posts on reddit and the official forums that refer to the region change.

There the users warn: “Now that you said that, these servers will also be flooded” and players who are based in Asia are now afraid of longer waiting times. The Asia region was at least not entirely spared from queues.

Since some players have changed regions, it is said that people in Asia have to wait more and more when logging in. According to reports, the queues are much shorter than here.

Incidentally, the problems have nothing to do with your status as a “normal player”, as many angry users on reddit and Co. claim from time to time. We as journalists also see ourselves standing in front of queues and the biggest streamer in the world has problems with the connection:

The world’s biggest twitch streamer shows off his skills, flies out of the game, freaks out

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