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Overwatch 2 will feature a new mode and changes to the map pool

Activision Blizzard wants to give a new image to Overwatch 2 and it does not stop releasing announcements with the next updates, many of them requests from the community. after the little ones changes in the competitive system and the tokens to obtain skins freethe address of the shooter has confirmed that it will remove part of the map pool and bring a new game mode. Will all these changes be able to attract all the players who have been leaving in recent months?

one of the last blogging of Developers, posted by Aaron Keller, highlights that he map pool will be removed in season four after hearing from the community complaining about this feature. The map pool was causing some scenarios to go out of rotation so that players could further improve on the scenarios that stayed. The next change is that the rotation can occur every week and not by seasons. The idea of ​​this update was to prevent users from always playing the same map and game mode, something that had a direct impact on the game mode. push. This latest update could arrive in mid-April.

The new game mode for Overwatch 2

The last weeks in the ecosystem of Overwatch 2 quite a few changes are being made to please the community. In addition to the new modifications already mentioned, it is worth noting the arrival of Antarctica, the new map that also creates the lore Mei’sone of the most important characters in the title. deserted has been able to speak with Dion Rogers, art director of Overwatch 2, and the possibility of a new game mode coming to the video game has been mentioned.


Rogers points out that a new game mode is very likely to be released with more than one map available. For this, we would have to wait since they do not want to launch a game mode with only one scenario available. “Our goal is to have a good variety,” highlights the art director. The second season ends this Tuesday, February 7 and we will have to be attentive to the next announcements that may leave some clue to the new game mode.

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