Overwatch 2 will give gifts to all players for its chaotic premiere

Tom Henry

Overwatch 2 has been one of the great phenomena of October, both for its launch and for all the problems that it has caused. Many players have experienced errors in the queues to access the servers and play. Many users have waited long periods of time to access the game as they have 40,000 people ahead of them, others have suffered disconnections in the middle of the matches and some did not access the games as they always remained in queue. For this reason, Activision Blizzard wanted to reward players.

Via the official Overwatch account at TwitterBlizzard has announced that it will give gifts to players for problems during the premiere. Compensations will consist of a Life Pack Weapon Charm, the Cursed Captain Reaper skin, and two weekend experience boosts. This latest bonus is because the developers want to help players progress with their battle pass.

The only requirement to get the rewards is to log in to Overwatch 2 between October 25 and the end of the season. Unlike its first version, which was not free, this edition does not have loot boxes for each level achieved. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to get skins for free. Users have the option to upgrade the price of the Battle Pass by $10, which is the price of 1,000 Overwatch Coins.

For now, players are not only looking to receive rewards for the chaotic premiere, but also to recover the content of the first edition of Overwatch. Activision Blizzard is working to reverse an awkward situation not only caused by bugs or high demand to get into the game, but also by the numerous DDoS attacks that Overwatch 2 has suffered.

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