Palia: Ancient Battery – This is how you solve the riddle of the quest

palia: ancient battery this is how you solve the

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Palia: Ancient Battery – This is how you solve the riddle of the quest

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In the cozy MMO Palia there are a number of quests and puzzles that are not easy to solve. This guide is all about the Ancient Battery. We reveal what you have to do.

How to solve the quest? You receive the quest from Jina in your house and your task is to go deeper into the chamber. This is part of the main quest that you must complete to advance the story.

First you have to go through a door that you can find in the place where you first entered the world of Palia after character creation. This is north of Phoenix Falls. The door can be easily opened with the interaction key “F”.

Behind this is a large room where you can find various clues to solve the puzzle. You must do the following:

  • Go to the water bowl in the middle of the platform. When you interact with it, the phrase “A bowl with rust on the bottom. The inscription has worn away over time.”
  • Now use your watering can and fill the bowl up to the top. If your watering can is empty, you can fill it up at the water points on the sides.
  • The door will then open and you have solved the puzzle.
Palia Ancient battery
That bowl in the middle is your goal.

This sounds very easy on paper, but it’s a bit more difficult to figure out in-game. After all, there are several water bowls and a number of hidden clues.

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Palia is cozy but not unpretentious

Palia went into open beta on August 10th and has been available to everyone ever since. Although it is a cozy . that also completely dispenses with fights, there are a number of puzzles and tasks to be solved.

More content will be added before the game is fully released. We will keep you up to date here at MeinMMO.

You can find an overview of all Palia content here: Everything about the new . Palia: release, beta, content and gameplay.

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