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Park Beyond shows us Giles Hemlock, our rival in this management game


Park Beyond shows us Giles Hemlock, our rival in this management game

Bandai Namco and the developer Limbic Entertainment have shown a new trailer for Park Beyondyour amusement park management game, dedicated to our main rival in the business. Park Beyond It goes on sale this year on PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

With this title we can create the park of our dreams but always paying attention to the financial situation to set up an entertaining experience for visitors. “As a pioneer, you will need to ensure that the park generates profit by ensuring a variety of fun attractions for all ages and making them easily accessible to visitors.”

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This overall satisfaction means providing the goods and services our guests need, supplied by well-trained staff who keep the park safe and orderly: “An extraordinary experience will make guests loosen their wallets for very special souvenirs. Only satisfied visitors will want to take them home.says Bandai Namco.

Meet Giles Hemlock, your rival

Running a business like this is no bed of roses, and as you build and manage parks in the extensive story mode of Park Beyondtoo you will have to be careful with the aggressive and dirty methods of your rival, than trying to kill your business in any way. “With his contempt for all things fun and his terrible management methods, we present to you Giles Hemlock, CEO of the Hemlock Consortium and self-proclaimed genius.” His number one goal is to crush any kind of happiness and personal dreams at the stroke of a checkbook.

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The collaboration between the publisher and the developer will not end in this game. It was recently announced that Bandai Namco bought a majority stake in the German teamwho is working on several projects that will arrive after Park Beyond: “Soliding this connection gives us the opportunity to elevate our plan to be even more ambitious and take Limbic Entertainment to the next level,” said the studio co-founder.

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