Patapon Creator Announces Spiritual Sequel, RATATAN

Tom Henry

patapon creator announces spiritual sequel, ratatan

Ratata Arts and TVT have announced RATATAN -previously Project JabberWocky-, a new musical rhythm game whose name is reminiscent, and not by chance, of Patapon. Behind are some of the creators of the rhythm and strategy title that debuted on PSP and had several sequels -and more recently, remasters-.

RATATAN will be funded with a Kickstarter campaEsports Extrasthat will begin on July 31. At the moment no platforms, approximate release date or other details have been confirmed, but on July 29 we will know more information. Usually the platforms are added by objectives achieved with collective financing, so with enough support it could reach all consoles and PCs.

Among those responsible for the project announced during BitSummit Lets Go!! we found the director Hiroyuki Kotani (designer of Patapon)producer Kazuto Sakajiri (The Eye of Judgment) and the composer (Patapon, Loco Roco, Grand Touring).

Will it have some kind of multiplayer

Although for the details there are still a few days left, Gematsu could ask about the possibility of including multiplayer. It seems that it is a safe thing -whether online or local- because Sakajiri pointed out that one of TVT’s mottos is “let’s play more, together”, and that implies that we will be able to collaborate with other users.

RATATAN game spiritual sequel to Patapon

Patapon premiered in 2007 and was a Pyramid and Japan Studio project with an art style by French artist Rolito. In it, our goal was guide some beings, the patapons, to attack, defend and move their formation against a series of armies and threats. The orders are made through button combinations and in a specific rhythm of the drums. Achieving synchronization a certain number of times in a row triggered the Fever state, with a bonus to attack and defense.

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