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Path Of Exile 2 Arrives To Make Diablo Fans Eyes Again

path of exile 2 arrives to make diablo fans eyes

The free to play ARPG Path Of Exile comes with an update loaded with new features, enhanced graphics, and the atmosphere that has won over so many players since its arrival.

In it Summer Game Fest we were able to see game trailers that promise a lot, although the show has fallen short for many, to say that there was no pleasant surprises it would be an exaggeration.

One of these surprises would be precisely that of Path of Exile 2the game update that changed so many fans of the mythical Diablo saga to his universe and that many people saw how the true spiritual successor to Diablo IIgiven that Diablo III was quite a controversial installment for its visual direction, extremely basic story, and the absence of systems that made Diablo II a great game.


Well, Diablo IV is proving to be better on base than its predecessormost players have found a refreshed universe after 11 yearsand there seems to be a general opinion that, Diablo IV is definitely a return to its original formula.both visually and in gameplay, with new systems that have been welcomed by its players.

However, some voices of displeasure are already being heard by the community. Especially, the monetization of the game is a very critical pointas we remember, this It is not a free to play gameand there are items that can cost practically a game price quarteras he explains it endymion in this video.

Coming back with Path Of Exile, the game beat Diablo III because Diablo III’s endgame content was almost non-existentwhile Path Of Exile players still found many ways to keep exploring, earning money and leveling up your characters in different modes and activities. Now, if we add to all this that Path of Exile is Free To Play… It’s easy to see why so many players switched from the world of Sanctuary to the shores of wraeclast.


We will be able to see more of what Path Of Exile 2 will bring in 48 dayswhen the Exile With, and if we can be certain of anything, it is that Activision Blizzard will have to take care of its competitor again. Remember that the base game of Path Of Exile is completely free and Path of Exile 2 is an ambitious update for the gameand if free is the best offer a gamer can hear, the game also proved that it can compete and surpass Activision’s titan Blizzard with its content.

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