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Path of Exile: Crucible will launch on PC on April 7 and on consoles on April 12.

During today’s livestream event, Grinding Gear Games revealed a trailer and content details for the latest expansion of Path of Exiletitled cruciblewhich will be released on April 7 for PC and Mac, and on April 12 for PlayStation and Xbox.

Path of Exile: Crucible comes with a host of all-new features and updates, including the Crucible Challenge League, Atlas Gateways, revamps to the Passive Skill Tree and its Masteries, new Vaal abilities, a variety of Ruthless gameplay improvements, and much more.


key features of Crucible:

  • Crucible Challenge League – Introducing Crucible Challenge League, a new expansion for Path of Exile that pushes the boundaries of the game’s item system by allowing you to augment your weapons with their own skill trees. These trees provide bonuses that enhance or increase your character’s playstyle. The abilities in the trees consume experience from Crucible encounters to unlock, but can have some pretty powerful effects.In the meetings of crucible, players choose a weapon to upgrade by channeling it into an ancient forge. As you channel your weapon, the molten monsters will combine to form larger, more fearsome enemies. Pushing your limits is the fastest way to level up your weapon, but doing so increases the risk of failing the challenge. In their unique endgame area, The Forge of the Titans, these trees can be combined to create weapons of unprecedented power.
  • Atlas Gateways – A new addition to the endgame of Path of ExileAtlas Gateways are new nodes that allow instant traversal between two locations in the Atlas Passive Tree, facilitating the amount of travel points allowing players to focus on building the tree that allows them to play the content they want.
  • Endgame Content Revamp – Breach/Abyss: – Two older league mechanics, Breach and Abyss, have been revamped. Clutter has been reduced in both mechanics and gameplay has been improved, resulting in a more streamlined experience with highly focused rewards.
  • Passive Tree and Masteries Rework – About half of the masteries have been reworked, with the new masteries having more interesting effects that will shake up a lot of builds and provide additional options for new ones.
  • New Vaal Abilities – Nine new Vaal abilities have been added to the game. These are versions of existing abilities that enhance and augment the original ability, giving players a periodic boost when they need it, whether it’s to focus on taking down a boss or mitigating burst damage in an emergency.
  • Ascendancy Reworks – The Saboteur and Pathfinder Ascendancy classes have been redesigned giving them exciting new tools that are more impactful and take their themes even further.
  • Improvements to Ruthless – Various improvements have been made to the Ruthless gameplay, including the return of Eternal Orbs and the introduction of a set of Ruthless-specific challenges to complete.