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Pay 1 euro and take home one of the best strategy games of recent years

With a little more money you can expand the offer with lots of additional content.


Cities: Skylines arrived in 2015 to build the foundations of what would be one of the best strategy games of recent years, a solid ‘city builder’ that has not stopped growing, along with its colossal buildings. The title has come to expand outside of the video game and has served for such interesting projects as the one we lived in Poland this past week, where the game was used to correct infrastructure errors.

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Paradox hasn’t stopped bringing us loads of new content since launch and you can find a lot of it in a limited Humble Bundle deal, while supporting charities like The Trevor Project and charity: water, but if you’re just interested in the game base, you got it at knockdown price, for only 1 euro.

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Get Cities: Skylines for 1 euro

Cities: Skylines

Humble Bundle’s ‘Colossal collection’ includes the most 9 expansions containing all content released by Paradox through Sunset Harbor 2021. You’ll also find 21 add-ons, with content creator packs, new music, and the Deluxe Edition upgrade. If you still want to expand Cities: Skylines, with the complete package you will receive a coupon of 20% discount.

This coupon can be redeemed towards a content pack that includes the most recent expansion: Cities: Skylines – Airports. If you want to know more about the ambitious title of management and construction of cities, remember that in Esports Extras you have our analysis of Cities Skylines: “a deep title in game options that brings interesting novelties to the genre, without deviating from the norm either”.

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