Pay to activate cheats or unlock game modes if you are clumsy: the case of Capcom with Resident Evil or Dead Rising, and more companies

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There are a lot of contentious practices within DLC that I hate, but there are some optional that do not stop calling my attention and that are thought for clumsy people, lazy or with a lot of money who doesn’t want to waste time with a game.

And here, without a doubt, Capcom takes the cake as the company that is betting on this new resource to unlock everything without effort… but paying. Although she is not the only one, far from it, who is adopting it. Today we are going to see several of the most representative and/or surprising cases of recent years.

From when Capcom and other companies didn't charge for extras in their fighting games

Frank West’s controversy with payment tricks

For the first example, it is necessary to go back more than a decade in time to remember the case of Frank West in his peculiar reinvention of Dead Rising 2, where he replaced the original protagonist (Chuck Greene) to tell the story in a different way. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Yes, because he was missed as a main character after his debut in Dead Rising in a large shopping center.

The problem is that a few weeks after the game was released in 2012, Capcom thought it was a good idea to offer a paid debug mode with which to instantly unlock an invincible mode, unbreakable weapons and endless traps for the game to play. game was a ride. Or what is the same, the tricks of a lifetime… but paying 4.99 euros. And of course there was a lot of criticism.

Resident Evil and *text muted* May Cry put another spin on it*text muted* May Cry

For the Osaka company, in view of the negative opinion of this movement, it served to try other alternatives far from the hackneyed skins payment (they are still in the industry, of course). And what was the idea? Pay to instantly unlock game modes. Although with a difference: if you play naturally (without paying) you can also unlock these modes. Everybody wins, right?

Here the objective is directed rather to those less skilled or impatient people when it comes to playing. If you don’t have enough time or skill to complete a game to unlock various extras, pay and enjoy it before everyone else. And being exclusive solo experiences, you won’t have any real advantage over the rest.

The problem is that the price scale varies ostensibly from one product to another. To unlock literally everything in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes, you have the option to pay 4.99 euros; while in the special editions of *text muted* May Cry 4 and *text muted* May Cry 5 the difference is noticeable: 1.49 euros for the first, 9.99 euros for the second. And everything they offer, upon payment, can also be unlocked without dropping any money, of course.

It is something that is emphasized in any of these DLC, however:

Instantly unlock the following rewards, which can also be unlocked through gameplay.

Instantly unlock content that otherwise must be earned by playing.

Moreover, in the case of *text muted* May Cry 5 it specifies how would it be done without paying:

  • Super Character 4 Pack (Usually obtained as a reward for completing Dante Must Die mode)
  • Provocative Quartet (normally costs 12,000,000 red gems)

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It is not the only company that resorts to this method

Mortal KombatX

This last resource extrapolated to other companies brings us to WB Games and the Mortal KombatX Developed by NetherRealm Studios. And no, the DLC has nothing to do with its huge list of fatalities, but rather with the Krypt mode rewards to access the “treasures that accumulate in Hell”.

Its price? A whopping 19.99 euros. And as surprising as it may seem, it is not the most expensive “trick” of all if we are not sufficiently skilled in the fighting genre, as there is another game that far exceeds it. Do you remember that Battlefield: Hardline released in 2015? Well, be surprised to see that all its shortcuts can be unlocked (all class upgrades, weapons and vehicles) for 49.99 euros.

It should be noted that all this content can also be unlocked by playing without having to pay anything at all, but it serves to reflect this unusual practice that occasionally comes to the surface by some company.

What other striking cases do you remember as an optional method?

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