Payday 3 announces an open beta for Xbox and PC

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Tom Henry

Payday 3 announces an open beta for Xbox and PC

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Developer Starbreeze has revealed that Payday 3 will host a three-day technical open beta from September 8-11, after the closed beta in August. The purpose of this beta is to test the game’s servers in preparation for its official launch later this month.

Unlike the closed beta, the technical open beta is open to anyone interested in participating, as long as they are on Xbox Series X/S or Steam. Players will have the opportunity to play as the original quartet of characters – Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolf – and take on the bank heist No Rest for the Wicked, either stealthily or in full action.

During the technical open beta, players will be able to experience all difficulty levels, with a level cap set at Infamy Level 22 and a weapon level progression of 8.

Xbox players can join the beta through the Xbox Insider Hub app, while PC players can access it through the Payday 3 Steam page starting September 8.

This beta will provide an exciting opportunity for players to try out this cooperative heist shooter before its official release on September 21 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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