Payday 3 requires a permanent online connection, even in single player mode

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payday 3 requires a permanent online connection, even in single

The new installment will have a single player mode, however, you will still need a connection.

Payday 3 requires a permanent online connection, even in single player mode
PayDay 3 will be coming soon to our consoles.

New information about PayDay 3 arrives. All this has been thanks to a livestream made by Almir Listo, brand director of Starbreeze. In that direct we They have confirmed that the game will have a multiplayer mode and also another mode that will allow you to play alone, however, this installment will require a permanent connection. And yes, it doesn’t matter that you want to play alone, you will need a connection.

One of the questions referred to whether the game could be played offline, before this, Almir Listo did not hesitate and answered no. However, tried to give some reasons why this permanent connection is necessary, and apparently, progression and crossplay are the cause of this decision. If you want to know his words in full, then we leave you the comment he has made about it.

You will not be able to enjoy PayDay 3 in offline mode

What this indicates is that if the game requires a constant connection, people will only be able to play it as long as the title is supported. Once the developer decides to stop powering the game, the player experience would be reduced completely. So It only remains to wait for the game to have a prosperous and long future so that all the people who want to enjoy it can do so for a long time.

No, you will not be able to play offline. You will be able to play by yourself, but I think you will have to have a connection to be able to play, because it is made in Unreal Engine and it has cross-progression and cross-play, I think we need you to be online.

As you can see, the declarations are very clear and leave no room for doubt. That is why the people who have received this news have not felt very comfortable about it. In fact, people have already begun to criticize this decision and have even create memes about a possible closure of the game. It’s still strange that these decisions are still being made in this day and age, but we have to wait and see.

Of course, this also affects the physical copies, since without the servers being shut down, they will be totally useless. They will remain on the shelf as a collection. The bad thing about games with permanent connection is that you totally depend on the support of the developer. Remember that the game will be released very soon.

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