Payday 3 will require permanent internet connection at all times

Tom Henry

payday 3 will require permanent internet connection at all times

The fear of many is still a reality, the permanent internet connection to play (even in single player mode) continues to cause headaches and this time it’s up to Payday 3 as announced by its developers.

During a live stream, Starbreeze Global Brand Director Almir Listo confirmed that the game has both a single player and of course a multiplayer game mode and both will require an online connection regardless of which mode is chosen.

When asked if the game can be played offline, he replied: “No, if you will be able to play alone, but I think you will have to have a connection to be able to play, because it is made in Unreal Engine and it has cross-progression and cross-play, I think we need you to be online. .”

The news has been poorly received on the game’s social media platforms, with the game’s subreddit abuzz with memes about a potential game closure in the future.

I can’t wait 🙂
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If the always-online connection is required, it means that the preservation of the game and a player’s ability to play it would be completely limited by the game’s support time.

It also means that any physical copy of the game would be completely useless, in the event of a server shutdown.

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