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PC Soccer 2024 can now be reserved, but everything that surrounds it is unknown

A little history lesson. In 1992 Dinamic Multimedia, one of the USAstudios from the golden age of USAvideo games, decided to bet big and create one of the most successful soccer game franchises in the history of our country, PC Fútbol. The title was based on the technical management of clubs and not on match simulation, but it also enjoyed unprecedented popularity in the emerging USAvideo game industry.

After its success in the 1990s and early 2000s, the franchise suffered the termination of its studio, Dinamic Multimedia, as well as several copyright changes. This set of events caused the franchise to end its last title PC Soccer 2007.
Years later, in 2013, some of the original creators of the franchise released with the collaboration of FX Interactive, FX Fútbol, ​​which was later released as Football Club Simulator.

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In 2017, Corner Entertainment announced the relaunch of the PC Fútbol game together with the USAdistributor IDC Games. The launch was at the beginning of 2018, and it was the first time that a game in the series left the PC platform to be available on other platforms, such as mobile devices. It was around then that we had a chat with its original creator, Carlos Aprilwhich is not involved in this new project.

An attempt to revive the series with certain doubts

The launch of PC Fútbol 2024 will try to revive this mythical series of soccer management simulators. The idea is that the game, which is in the first phase of development, comes out at the end of 2023.

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So far everything seems normal. The problem is that a presale has been announced under the umbrella of a crowdfundingIn addition, many doubts have been raised by some users regarding the final result of the title.

Some users have been very critical with the presale of the game. Apart from the fact that the pre-sale is a full-fledged fundraising campaign, what is most worrying are the little data about the game and an alleged mismanagement of it. Causing a sector of its community to doubt that the game will be ready at the end of this year.


The fact that not a single image of the game has been shown, that the official website is empty, that the few graphic designs that have been shown are made by amateurs and that the information is being given by droppers, has caused many people doubt the professionalism of the study that is developing it.

Although from the company they assure that the development team is working very hard so that the game arrives at the end of the year, but a look at its official website makes us wrinkle our noses.

PC Soccer 2024
We don’t have an official image, so we’ll have to pull the file…