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Pedro Pascal stars in a fun parody of Mario Kart in the style of HBO

series of The Last of Us of HBO has become one of the great successes of the moment, adding millions of viewers
(so much so that there is already a second season on the way) every week thanks to the care and respect with which it adapts the original Naughty Dog work. Taking advantage of her pull, Saturday night Livethe NBC television program, has managed to convince Peter Pascalwho plays Joel in the Showto make a fun sketch with which they wanted to imagine what an adaptation of this style of another popular video game would be like.

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Ten years after the destruction of the Mushroom Kingdom

Being more specific, the video in question shows us the fictional trailer of what an HBO series based on Mario Kart with Pascal as the iconic Nintendo plumber. Of course, instead of showing us the colorful worlds and circuits of the saga, what we are presented here is a post-apocalyptic and disgraced Mushroom Kingdom where Mario and Peach fight to survive while facing Goombas and, of course, Bowser.

As you can suppose, there are a good handful of winks and parodies to the games where there is no shortage of red shells that cannot be avoided, mushrooms that make us “feel bigger”, deep reflections on Lakitu’s role in the races and banana peels that make the karts lose control. And yes, you can also hear Pascal saying the mythical “let’s goMario’s.


The real movie Super Mario Bros.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the impending Super Mario Bros. The Movie which will be released in our cinemas on April 7, will bet on a very different approach to that of this parody, offering us an animated film for all audiences that stands out for its technical invoice and for the fidelity with which it deals with the universe of the plumber. His official poster was published just yesterday.