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Persona 5 Royal, is the dick – Xbox

If you have been reading me for some time, you will know very well that among the columnists that we write in Xbox, I am the one who bites my tongue the least. I have a defect, that I like to call things by their name. And Persona 5 Royal is the dick. Without Flanders adjectives, she is the cock, the milk, the host, an orgasm, a cumshot in the heat of some sheets… call it what you want. But she is a gamer after all.


This is my first interaction with the franchise. Possibly the most purists will reproach me that some version lost in limbo only available in Japanese is better. But it’s just that I don’t care. I have just landed in this universe and it has left such a good taste in my mouth that it is like being in the dying desert and suddenly it seems to you like a barrel of frozen beer. Estrella Galicia, I clarify, that if it were Cruzcampo we would be talking about a punishment.

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Visual novel and turn-based RPG, a brilliant mix

For those of you who are coming to this game for the first time, I warn you that the presentation of it is “A LOT OF TEXT”, like this, without anesthesia. The game presents us with an initial story that at first glance seems like someone was smoking; but what it gains color through dialogues and small gameplay introductions that they are going to taste like glory. In Persona 5 you are not facing the classic Japanese RPG where you face random enemies on the map and you have to visit 900 generic villages to press A and talk to half a town with the sole and absurd purpose of being given 3 shitty potions . The entire script is narrated through a highly successful novel visual style.

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And that is where the first of its secrets resides, history. Because if you think that this is going to awaken “kokoros” from random people and the protagonist’s memory loss together with a hidden power like in 99% of JRPGs, you are wrong. It is perhaps the most mature Japanese RPG that I have played together with Yakuza 7. And it is that the cohesion and motivations of each character are cooking over a slow fire, each part that you read adds complexity and nuances to each of your companions. . At first the badass from the institute accompanies you, and the one who wants to be a model does not fail… but forget that, because later you will see how each one contributes his part to the plot

40 hours of tutorial, and I still haven’t finished it…

But Persona 5 isn’t just story, it also has some of the most refined turn-based RPG gameplay I’ve ever seen. If you are willing to play it, you should know that, at least for me, the tutorial has lasted almost 40 hours. Having passed my character level 30, the game was still teaching me new mechanicsnew attacks, combined attacks, improvements for your Personas… Crazy, and one amazing at a time.


In addition, Persona 5 Royal is not based on running around the map and waiting for an enemy to jump you to farm levels. You level up in the palaces, which are basically dungeons and the only explorable place where you fight alongside mementos, which is perhaps the most boring part of the game. We could say that the game is divided into four types of gameplay:

  • narrative part: You read the story with small decisions as a visual novel.
  • playful part: You have various activities when you are not in school, in history, or fighting. This way you can explore different areas to go to public restrooms, learn to bat, etc. These types of activities will make you raise attributes such as charm, knowledge, etc. Essential for developing your character and forging relationships.
  • Relations: All the characters involved in the main plot are likely to be your arcana, which are basically the ones that will unconsciously help you in the adventure with abilities, improvements for Personas… and more. Weaving good or bad relationships will decide your success or failure.
  • dungeons: Basically you explore the castles, which are dungeons and you will have to reach a room with a treasure. I’m not going too far so you don’t get spoilers, but each enemy has their own.

persona 5 royal generation xbox 2

Laziness is punished in Persona 5

But if there’s one thing Persona 5 does disgustingly well, it’s timing. You see, the game is constantly giving you new tasks to distract you. You can create lockpicks to open chests in the dungeons, or invite the girl in the game you like (you can flirt with practically all of them) to have Teriyaki chicken. And that’s cool, but it takes time. Each dungeon has a deadline to be completed within the calendar, and if you get lost doing nonsense then… game over.


And if the game is over, you lose. I’ll put it simpler: If you don’t complete a dungeon by the deadline, it’s game over. It is a masterful analogy of Japanese society where laziness is highly frowned upon. Your punishment for procrastinating is not completing the game., and of course the game will penalize you for it. So finding the balance between studies, flirting, doing high school and so on, is the key.


persona 5 royal generation xbox 4

And that soundtrack…

Finally and I’m done. The soundtrack of this game has a special vibe. You don’t know you like it until you hear it playing. If you don’t know what it’s about, do yourself a favor and put it on Spotify while you read this article again, I’ll leave it here. I’ve been using this background soundtrack for weeks to work, write articles…etc.

The game is on Game Pass, you really have few excuses not to give it a go. However, I already warned at the beginning, its pace is slow and can overwhelm at first until you get the hang of everything. But once you get in and it catches you, you don’t want to get out. It is one of the best experiences I have had in recent years.


By the way, I chose Sadayo Kawakami. And you?

Persona 5 Royal
Persona 5 Royal