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Persona 5 T Trailer Also Just Leaked With Date And Platforms

persona 5 t trailer also just leaked with date and

Following the leak of the Persona 3 Remake trailer, we bring more information about the rumors of more Persona 5 remakes. It has not been officially confirmed, but the rumors continue to leave us curious news.

As you will remember, a prominent rumor has been circulating on the Internet in recent months. That is added to the one that came to us recently from Persona 5 T. And now it seems that Atlus has leaked the trailer for this game.


Is about Persona 5 Tactic, which is shown in the video below. In it, it is also shown that it will be released on November 17, 2023 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC through Microsoft Store. For now it is unknown if it will reach other platforms.

We leave you with the trailer:

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