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Persona 5 will have a new mobile spin-off called The Phantom X

Atlus has been responsible for leaving us with some of the best JRPGs ever under the name of the Persona series. With that masterpiece that is Persona 5: Royal and the relaunch of this and the two previous installments (persona 3 Portable and Persona 4: Golden), the saga is more booming in the West than ever. But in Asia now they are going to receive a new dose, with a new formula and from another study.

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Chinese mobile game company Black Wings Game Studio is finishing touches on a Persona 5 spin-off called Persona 5: The Phantom X, or P5XTo abreviate.

At the moment, not many details about the game have been revealed, since the launch of the beta is limited only to the Chinese market at the moment, but the trailer under the text shows us a new cast of original characters and a story that takes shape in modern Tokyo. Naturally, igor and the Velvet Room are present, so this could be the awakening of a new group of Phantom Thieves of Hearts (note the detail of the girl’s costume, inspired by that of Chie of Person 4). It is unknown if this title will reach other markets outside of Asia, but we hope (from the bottom of our hearts) that it does, and thus the wait until Persona 6 will be more bearable.

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Check out the trailer for Persona 5: The Phantom X and some screenshots below.

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Persona 5: The Phantom X

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