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Persona 6 and Persona 3 Remake will be presented in summer, according to a rumor


Persona 6 and Persona 3 Remake will be presented in summer, according to a rumor

Atlus plans multiple announcements related to the series Person for this year, although officially we do not know what they could be about. However, in recent weeks we have heard several rumors from apparently reliable sources that the Japanese company is working on a remake of Persona 3 in the style of person 5besides that the future person 6 It will be an exclusive PS5 title and will have a larger team than the fifth numbered installment had. Today, another insider has provided more information to give veracity to these rumors.

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according to Im a Hero Tooa user of ResetEra that has previously leaked information related to Personso much person 6 What persona 3 remake not only are they in development, but both are supposedly “quite advanced” and that they would be shown for the first time at some time yet to be determined. summer. In fact, the same user points out that Atlus had the intention of presenting both titles before the summer, although it is seen that the company changed its plans recently, while the remake of person 3 it will have “so many updates” that it could perfectly be “a new experience for many”.

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Persona 3 Portable is now available

“It is a great RPG with good characters, an entertaining combat system -although clearly surpassed by its sequels-, and its translation is more than the perfect excuse to give it another spin or dare to discover it. But these virtues do not completely hide that there are aspects of the gameplay that have not aged well, that the desEsports Extrasfor portable does not make sense in the current remastering -perhaps it would have been preferable to remaster Persona 3 FES?- and the problem with the content scattered between versions. In any case, a recommended game for JRPG fans that for the first time you will be able to enjoy in Spanish”, we conclude in our analysis of this reissue of the classic.

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