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PGA Tour balances competition on the ‘green’ and adds cross play

PGA Tour 2K23 was launched in the last quarter of last year and marks the farewell to HB Studios of the PGA franchise before AE Get back to it next March with the EA Sports PGA Tour. However, the studio wants PGA 2K23 to remain an option that brings together the largest number of players, and for this reason it has introduced the recent update that enables cross-platform play.

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This means that all users of the game will be able to play against each other from the supported platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. He multiplayer crossplay allows players to face off against each other in Private, Casual, and New Ranked Matches. This will allow you to join competitive rounds and raise experience levels.

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The ranked or competitive game mode is divided into six levels spread over three divisions. Each level has a unique icon and color to differentiate the rank it is in. In all ranked matches players will be limited to their My Player creation and will be able to compare themselves with others thanks to the addition of leaderboards.

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For all the details, visit this link and download the recent patch on your platform to discover a new golf experience.

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