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Phil Spencer: Companies must “stop dividing both gamers and creators”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently received the Andrew Yoon Memorial Legend Award during the 12th annual New York Game Awards. Spencer, who personally attended the event, also delivered an acceptance speech, using the occasion to call for more unity among video game companies.

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Among other things, Spencer said that game companies should do more “to inspire and invite joy in gaming and concord”, stating that this is the “greatest responsibility”. He added that this is especially necessary now that “there is more despair in the world, a constant stream of bad news.” He also called on video game companies to “stop dividing gamers and creators.”

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If you want to hear Phil Spencer’s full speech, it can be found here, because we think it’s really worth checking out. Spencer makes a lot of pretty spot-on comments in an age where it sometimes seems like we focus more on the negative than the good.

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Phil Spencer: Companies must "stop dividing both players and creators"