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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, encourages video game companies not to divide gamers


Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, encourages video game companies not to divide gamers

The New York City Game Critics Circle has held its annual awards gala. One of the awardees has been Phil Spencerhead of Xbox, who has received the Andrew Yoon Legend Award to outstanding achievements in the industry. This is a recognition that other personalities such as Reggie Fils-Aim, Tim Schafer, Jade Raymond, Todd Howard, or Hideo Kojima have received.

In her acceptance speech, Spencer has taken the opportunity to make a allegation of the joy that comes from playing video games and how the companies that develop and distribute them must flee from generating confrontations between their users: “We are far from dividing players and creators, but rather we get closer to each other, as we move forward and amplify the joy together. This is the echo effect of the joy of playing.”

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Phil Spencer against the division in the video game community

In his extensive speech (which you can see inserted above these lines and transcribed into English by VGC), Spencer has mentioned some games to exemplify how the variety of this sector is capable of bringing joy to many profiles: “Halo, God of War, Vampire Survivors, Peppa Pig… big games, small games, indie games for mobile devices. Each one is designed to bring joy into our lives, to bring us so much joy that people want to talk about itshare it”.

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It’s not the first time that Phil Spencer speaks out against the clashes within this sector, often surrounded by hatred and criticism: on various occasions he has claimed to be against the console wareven indicating that he does not want to spend energy on it.

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