Phil Spencer is already playing Starfield and the fans are getting jealous

Tom Henry

phil spencer is already playing starfield and the fans are

Phil Spencer is already playing Starfield, and fans of Bethesda’s upcoming RPG aren’t hiding their jealousy.

Apparently anyone can add the Xbox game boss to their Xbox friends list by following him, which is why people are now finding out that Phil Spencer is already playing Starfield ahead of launch. One of the advantages of being in charge of Xbox is that you can play games before launch, who would have thought?

“Wow, I should pay 6 billion for early access too,” writes one Reddit user. Yeah, if we had $6 billion left over somewhere, we’d probably put it towards buying Zenimax to play a game a few months earlier, too.

As it turns out, Bethesda’s head of marketing Pete Hines is also playing Starfield ahead of release. When Phil Spencer said earlier this year that virtually every Xbox console used for quality assurance at Microsoft was playing Starfield, he might as well have been referring to Bethesda employees.

“IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME, NOT HIM”, in reference to Yu-Gi-Oh. “That’s why it took so long. They forgot they were supposed to be working,” another Reddit user writes. If we had early access to Starfield, we’d probably forget our day jobs too, to be fair.

Starfield will be released in less than two months, on September 6. Fans are excited for the release and hope that the game will live up to the hype. With the news that Phil Spencer and Pete Hines are already playing, the excitement rises even higher.

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