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Phil Spencer praises HBO’s The Last of Us series

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is mainly known for praising what he believes is successful in the industry. Whether it’s from Microsoft itself or from the competition, he usually gives his favorable opinion if a game, console or device is grabbing the attention of fans. Well, that’s what he has done recently with the series of HBO’s The Last of Us.

Over on IGN, Xbox’s high command could be seen expressing their thoughts on The Last of Us. He had some very nice words for Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann. In the run-up to the big TV premiere, Sony’s series co-chairman has been adamant that this is the next step in the medium’s evolution. While some fans may disagree with that sentiment, it’s definitely the case that the viewership numbers absolutely back up the success. Check out what Spencer had to say about The Last of Us then.

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“The fact that Neil himself played a role, obviously in the making of the game and the franchise, but to see him applying his creative talents in the TV space, if that’s what we call more, video space, TV space, I think it’s really cool.”

“The fact that you take one of the best creators in our industry and you can have success creating in another medium, I think it shows that in the games industry, you have some amazing storytellers, amazing creators across all third-parties, first -party. I think it’s a great time to see the success they’re having with the franchise.”


The games on which the series is based have been having impressive sales boosts after the series was released. HBO’s The Last of Us is available for the platform of the same name and the next chapter will premiere this Sunday, January 29.

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