Phil Spencer responds to the massive Xbox leak and his future plans

Tom Henry

phil spencer responds to the massive xbox leak and his

As we could imagine, this leak has been quite a setback within the company.

Phil Spencer responds to the massive Xbox leak and his future plans
Phil Spencer is probably the most important public figure when it comes to Xbox.

Leaks are our daily bread, and it is normal for us to find out ahead of time about some projects that were not even planned to be announced until several months later. Even so, we are not used to having all the plans of a specific company end up being published on the internet, this being something that happened yesterday to Microsoft, with the new Series X model leaking, as well as internal emails and a lot of information about new Bethesda projects. Yesterday it was also learned that the culprit of this leak was Xbox itself, but This does not mean that it has not done harm, as Phil Spencer himself has expressed..

“It’s hard to see our team’s work shared in this way because so much has changed and there’s so much to be excited about, now and in the future.” This Phil Spencer himself shared it through his X accountand the truth is that everything he mentions fits, especially when he talks about the changes, given that in the document we can see dates that do not fit, such as pointing out Starfield as a 2020 release.

In addition to this, The Verge has been able to access an internal message from Phil Spencer himselfin which he states the following: “I also know that all of us take the confidentiality of our planets and our partners’ information very seriously. This leak obviously does not meet that expectation.”

An exciting future for Xbox

As we have already mentioned, and as Phil Spencer himself mentions, Many of the company’s projects appear in these documents., whether we are talking about Xbox itself with its hardware, or if we are referring to Bethesda and its video games. Regarding the first case we cannot say the same, at least not yet, but the leak of the Bethesda titles is clear to us that it is outdated, at least in terms of dates.

Even so, it allows us to know the next Bethesda video games, and they are pointed out, among others, to Fallout 3 and Oblivion remastersand even a third numbered installment of the Dishonored franchise.

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