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Phil Spencer’s bookshelf hides a reference to a beloved Xbox 360 game | we are xbox

Phil Spencer’s bookshelf is a benchmark in the video game industry. Due to the occasions in which the head honcho of Xbox has hidden little easter eggs about future advertisements in the most famous piece of furniture in her home, every time she does an interview there are thousands of fans looking at what they can find at that very moment behind Spencer’s back, and this time she has done it again.


As has been pointed out @IdleSloth Through his Twitter account, Phil Spencer’s bookshelf hides a nod to one of the most beloved games of the entire Xbox 360 generation. We are talking about Alan Wake, a title that came exclusively to the Microsoft console (although it finally ended up reaching all platforms after a while), which makes an appearance with what looks like a custom panel from the franchise .

Phil Spencer bookshelf interview

Source: IdleSloth

Phil Spencer’s bookshelf hides a nod to Alan Wake

It must be remembered that the previous times that Spencer has placed something on her shelf, it has been for a reason, as for example happened with the Xbox Keystone, the streaming game device that Microsoft is currently working on, and that could eventually reach the market. Sooner than later. However, going to what concerns us, users have already begun to hypothesize about the reason that Alan Wake has appeared on Phil Spencer’s shelf.


As is logical, many have begun to theorize about the possibility that, in the coming weeks, a important announcement related to Alan Wake 2. It’s been quite some time since the Remedy Entertainment team offered details about the development of the game, so it would not be surprising that, being planned to arrive throughout this year, or early 2024, we soon know more about the highly anticipated sequel to Alan Wake.

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What there is no doubt is that Phil Spencer always has a reason to show or not show some of the items on his shelf, so now there is a much better chance that we will have news about the Remedy game than there were before. just a few weeks.


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