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Philips 27E2F7901 Creator Series monitor is now available

philips 27e2f7901 creator series monitor is now available

Philips, a leading display specialist and Philips monitor brand licensing partner in North America, is pleased to announce the launch of the Philips 27E2F7901 Creator Series monitor. You can read our review by following this link.

The monitor is the most important tool creators use, and until now, designer-level monitors have been out of most people’s budgets. The Creator Series breaks new ground by offering a 27” 4K IPS Black display with Display HDR 400 and a host of other high-end features for $499.99 USD, a price most independent content creators can afford. It is available on Amazon from September 5, 2023.


Philips 27E2F7901 – Features vibrant images and deep contrast

One of the star features of the monitor Philips 27E2F7901 is the IPS Black. As this monitor is designed for those interested in visually demanding professions, IPS black offers an improved contrast ratio with deeper blacks that make colors pop.

Another distinctive feature that enhances the visual productivity of this monitor is its VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification and the HDR HLG standard. With VESA Display HDR 400 certification, users can be sure that their product produces a full palette of stunning images.


However, unlike the traditional HDR standard, the HDR HLG feature of the Philips 27E2F7901 encodes HDR data independently. This feature is intended to halve the transmission bandwidth from a device to the monitor, allowing you to stream visual content with higher quality.

Adding to the visual power of the Philips 27E2F7901 is the display’s 3840 x 2160 4K UHD resolution and the monitor’s ability to display up to 1.07 billion colors for the most accurate, smooth and vivid color gamut. The Creator Series monitor also covers a much wider color gamut than most monitors (100% sRBG and DCI-P3 98%), and Display-P3 perfectly reflects the colors and details you see on your MacBook screen.

Better connectivity generates higher quality images


One of the main features of the Philips 27E2F7901 is DisplayPort 1.4 and it is geared towards visual editing. With this feature, video content can be transferred at 32.4 Gbit/s. It also houses a USB-C hub with 96W Power Delivery.

In the arsenal of the Philips 27E2F7901 there is a feature destined to please every type of visual artist: its USB-C connection. With the option to deliver power to your connected device, users can do anything from charging their laptop to watching high-resolution video or transferring data to external devices quickly, all through a single cable.

Aesthetically pleasing on and off screen


All these visual features are not the only thing that makes the Philips 27E2F7901 shine. To find its beauty, you can also look at the outside of the monitor.

Additional features and availability for Philips 27E2F7901

The Philips 27E2F7901 is equipped with LowBlue mode that protects your eyes from eyestrain induced by blue light and Flicker Free technology that reduces and/or eliminates the perception of screen flicker and is Calman certified.


The Philips 27E2F7901 will be available on Amazon for purchase from today September 5, 2023 at a price of $499.99 USD

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