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Philips launches 27E1N8900 4K OLED professional monitor that highlights impressive color characteristics

EPI, the leading display specialist and brand licensing partner for Philips monitors, introduces the Philips 27E1N8900.

Designed for professionals working from home looking for a monitor that offers impressive visual contrast, the Philips monitor provides a fresh experience. The main feature of this monitor, OLED, is known for its stark contrast and next-generation Esports Extras responsiveness.

In addition to new OLED technology, this monitor is packed with features that bring your screen to life, including UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. [SS1] for accurate images, DisplayHDR TrueBlack[SS2] 400 for shades, Ultra Wide-Color for a vivid image, true 10-bit display for smoother gradients, 99 percent Adobe RGB/DCI-P3, and an anti-glare film. These features, along with the LowBlue mode, make this monitor the perfect tool.

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“We’re always trying to improve display image quality at Philips,” says David Ray, Philips North America director of marketing for monitors and IT accessories. “This monitor is specialized in the sense that the OLED feature is really impressive when it comes to seeing things on the screen as they really are. It is a monitor designed for creatives and anyone who has high standards of image quality.”

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In addition to OLED, the monitor features an all-in-one USB-C port that is ideal for simultaneously charging a device while connected to the monitor, and a KVM switch for managing a dual PC setup.

A monitor designed for creatives

Monitors with a visual eye like the Philips 27E1N8900 are ideal for professions and hobbies that demand vibrant colors, such as graphic desEsports Extrasor illustration. For these professions, it is necessary to have realistic color on the screen and this monitor is designed to do just that.

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The OLED feature of the Philips 27E1N8900 provides deep contrast on the screen which, in turn, makes the images on the screen come alive.


The Philips 27E1N8900 is now available on Amazon for $1,099.99