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Piccolo’s transformations in Dragon Ball have a strange connection

Apparently these transformations have been influenced in the same way.

Although the power scale in Dragon Ball has been growing exponentially Through the years, Piccolo has not been the exception and this warrior has received a recent strength update on the new movie in the franchisecatching up with current levels of combat.

The new Dragon Ball feature film, called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, has brought once again to the fore old characters of this franchise reviving them in an incredible wayas has been the case with Gohan and Piccolo who have been the protagonists of this movie taking part of the fame that Goku and Vegeta have.

Piccolo has been one of the most benefited in this filmbecause he has received a incredible transformation that has placed him at the same level of power as Gokubecoming one of the most powerful warriors in the franchise.

However, it seems the transformations that the namekian has acquired have a strange connection. Next, we tell you the details.

What connection do Piccolo’s transformations have?

Piccolo's transformations have been influenced in the most unexpected way

Piccolo’s transformations have been influenced in the most unexpected way that Piccolo has the same power level as Goku.

Piccolo has had various power-ups during the Dragon Ball franchise with the purpose of confronting adversaries that outnumberedbecause during these events was notoriously overwhelmed by the abilities of these enemies.

However, these transformations that Piccolo has received seem to have a strange connection between them.

In the most recent film of this franchise, the red patrol has up to his old tricks again and has recruited the grandson of Dr. Gerowith the purpose of build new androids for this organization and carry out their dark plans.

One of the androids that Dr. Hedo has built, named gamma 2 has attacked Piccolo, defeating him with great ease, the Namekian immediately realizes that he was no match for the strength this villain possessedso he decided to use the power of the dragon balls to receive a new transformation called Orange Piccoloplacing it on par with the level of these antagonists.

This transformation that Piccolo received thanks to the dragon balls, is resembles the first time this namekian had a power-upbecause it was also influenced by androids.

To remember this, you must visualize the chapter #355 of the Dragon Ball Z mangawhere Piccolo and the Z fighters meet fighting androids number 17 and 18being easily outmatched by these villains who were in a level well above that of these fighters. In view of this, the Namekian decides travel to the tower where Kami-sama’s palace is located to talk to him.

It is well known that Piccolo is the evil part of Kami-sama he expelled before becoming the deity of Earth, so in some time they were a single beingthe namekian has come to speak with his other half to merge and manage to raise their power to the maximum to face these androids.

Piccolo speaks with Kami-sama to merge with him and thus stop androids 17 and 18

Piccolo speaks with Kami-sama to merge with him and thus stop androids 17 and 18

The Piccolo and Kami Sama’s fusion was similar to the most recent power-up that the namekian received, because he managed raise its power by reabsorbing the energy that originally belonged to italthough the connection between these two transformations It has been given thanks to the fact that they went with the purpose of defeating the latent threat that the androids represented.

These events showed that the androids have managed to get the most out of Piccolobecoming a necessary evil for this and these transformations being a really strange connection, because in both cases have been influenced by these controversial villains.


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