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Plate Up! Coming to Game Pass in October – Xbox

At Nintendo’s Indie World 2023 event, PlateUp!, a chaotic cooking and restaurant management game that combines development and strategic planning to create a delicious roguelite dish, was unveiled. The game is somewhat similar to Overcooked!, a cooperative cooking game that has been very popular in recent years. You have the summary of all the games that come to Xbox and that were presented at a Nintendo event here.

In PlateUp!, players will have to cook complex dishes while managing your restaurant and serving customers. The game features a pretty neat progression system, which means that every time players play the game, they will face different challenges and obstacles. Furthermore, it also features a multiplayer mode, allowing players to work together to create delicious dishes and keep customers happy.


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The truth is that there are never too many proposals in this increasingly emerging genre. However, Plate UP! It has something that makes it seem unique, and that is its progression system that has been worked on and designed so that you always want to keep playing. Ok, it’s not that it’s a joy that a game “makes you work” but I would be lying if I say that these proposals end up hooking you.

Up to four players build and run a restaurant from scratch, choosing dishes, buying and placing appliances (some of which can be daisy chained to create ambitious automated kitchens), cooking food, and serving customers.

Players are free to desEsports Extrastheir restaurant, which will expand and develop between turns (with additional content and challenges unlocked through progress).


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