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Play Diablo 4 on world tier 1 or 2? Don’t make the same mistake as me!

play diablo 4 on world tier 1 or 2? don't

Confused about which world tier to start with? We make your decision easier.

Before you take your first steps in Diablo 4, not only do you have to choose between the five classes and determine the appearance of your hero, the game also asks you if you are at World Tier 1 (adventurer) or World Tier 2 (veteran) want to start.

Put simply, you have the choice between an easy and a normal level of difficulty. But if, like me, you play most games on “Medium” out of pure habit or expect better loot in a Diablo on a higher level of difficulty, then listen carefully!


That changes at World Tier 2

World Tier 2 differs from World Tier 1 in three ways:

  • Enemies have more health points and deal more damage
  • you get 20% more experience
  • you get 15% more gold

So you don’t get better loot in the form of rare item levels at world level 2, nor is the drop rate increased. Highly coveted item tiers like “holy” or “unique” You also only get items at world level 3, as well as ancestral items at world level 4.

World Tier 2 is only for you if you want a higher level of challenge right from the start. No more, no less. I’ll explain why this is the case despite the increased gold drop rate and more experience compared to world level 1 later in the article.

First of all, here you are again all four world levels at a glance:


You can switch between world tier 1 and 2 at any time: This works either directly from the start menu or via the World Tier Statue that you can find in northern Kyovashad in Act 1.

World Tier 2 is a waste of time for many

First of all: If you are looking for a higher challenge, World Tier 2 is of course not a waste of time for you. But if you want to enjoy the thoroughly exciting story of Diablo 4 first, like me, test your class skills on opponents in peace, feel overpowered despite level scaling and advance to the very cool endgame as quickly as possible, then stay away from world level 2.

Bonuses for World Tier 2 Pure Illusion: On paper, you get 15% more gold and a little more experience at world level 2, but you need disproportionately more time to progress in the game. In the end, you not only get far more gold at world level 1, since you kill far more opponents in the same playing time, you can also advance much faster into the endgame and farm stronger items there.

Dennis Michael

Since Diablo 2, Dennis has been a huge fan of Blizzard’s dark action RPG series, which he prefers to play in hardcore mode after playing the story comfortably. However, after the shop-infested Immortal turned out to be the stuff of his worst nightmares and Blizzard counted heavily on him as a developer, he was very excited to see if Diablo 4 would grab him again like Diablo 3 did last time. After playing through he still has it some criticisms of Diablo 4, but also as much fun with a Blizzard game as with Starcraft 2. May the release not hold any unpleasant surprises, is currently his biggest wish for all ARPG fans.

My experience with world tier 1

While I spent dozens of hours on World Tier 2 through Act 1 in the last Open Beta, which in retrospect turned out to be a big mistake for me, I decided to go with World Tier 1 right from the start during the review phase – and never regretted it!

At world level 1, I was able to play the story missions in peace and quiet without having to fiddle with item management or do umpteen side quests for, for example, more healing potions or more skill points. I was able to concentrate completely on the essentials and smash my way through hordes of opponents. Just like I was used to from Diablo 3, despite the level scaling. If you are attentive, you will only be challenged a little more with my way of playing Diablo 4 with the act bosses. There are slight differences between the classes, but the unbalanced balance hardly plays a role at World Tier 1.

You can also use World Tier 1 to quickly advance to Act 4, where you get your first horse.

You can also use World Tier 1 to quickly advance to Act 4, where you get your first horse.

Diablo 4 already knows how to introduce new mechanics step by step. Nevertheless, the action role-playing game can be overwhelming early on, especially for genre newcomers with all its traders, item features and open world events.


However, you can first access World Tier 1 during the a good 15-20 hours for the story groove in order to deal intensively with your character and the more complex mechanics if you wish.

The real Diablo 4 starts after completing the story

If you want to advance to the endgame and thus world level 3, it hardly matters whether you optimally skill or equip your hero during the first 50 levels. Only after completing the story waits with the dungeon “Cathedral of Light“a first door stopper on you, to cross it and defeat the boss you have to work really hard.

But whether you played at world tier 1 or 2 before that is not relevant up to this point. So if, like me, you want a real Diablo challenge in the endgame and want to be rewarded for your efforts with better item levels and new content, then choose world level 1 and show the demons who’s in charge in Sanctuary.


Finally, I would of course be interested to know which world level you chose?