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Play everyone with honor in Elden Ring PvP – Then I can kill you better

There are many unwritten rules in the Elden Ring that parts of the community insist on. It also exists in PvE, but especially in PvP from action RPG, some Souls fans are terribly outraged if you don’t follow their code of honor. MeinMMO author Marko tells them: You didn’t understand the game a bit.

Anyone who has sniffed the online communities around Elden Ring has certainly stumbled upon countless discussions about the right way to play. And with that also about all kinds of wrong opinions:

Anyone who uses magic doesn’t play properly because it’s cowardly. Only defeating bosses in co-op means you never really defeated them. And don’t you dare use a cheese strategy!

But these people have the worst opinion of all about PvP invasions. The players who appear as nasty intruders in your game should behave honorably. If you, as the blood-red villain, heal yourself or—God forbid—don’t bow respectfully first, you’re playing the game wrong. At least that’s what these people say.

To them I say: If I invade your game and you insist on bowing, that’s fine with me. Because then I can more easily play the PvP mode in Elden Ring the way it is intended – by killing you ice cold and disrespectfully.

PvP invasions are designed to make you play unfair!

As players on reddit have also noticed, with the huge success of the Elden Ring, a new trend came into play: a subset of players who hate PvP invaders.

In Elden Ring you can enter other players’ worlds with certain items. There you appear as a blood-red phantom. Your objective is as direct and simple as it gets, for you must kill the otherworld’s host.

Unlike the other FromSoftware games, you as an invader can actually only appear in the worlds of players who are playing in co-op. While you can use the Taunt’s Tongue item as a solo player to make invaders possible in your world, very few people take advantage of this opportunity.

In our video we briefly explain how this works:

Everything you need to know about multiplayer in Elden Ring

Many people online are complaining about the intruders. They are ‘unfair’ and would ruin the fun of the game. The least invaders could do is fight ‘fairly’. Here is a strictly-defined code of conduct to follow:

  • One must not use unfair weapons. The exact definition of unfair weapons is vague – often they are those that are currently considered strong.
  • Magic is frowned upon. You can only fight with melee weapons. But not with those who are too good, see point 1.
  • You can’t heal yourself. Anyone who gets hit was just too bad and can’t get back up with a completely common and normal mechanic.
  • You can’t just start fighting like that! When encountering your opponent on the battlefield, it is good manners to first bow and politely wait for your opponent.

Anyone who follows these rules is a pleasant intruder. It is said that this is the type of player you want to fight in PvP.

Elden Ring PvP 1 vs 2
In PvP I almost always fight alone against groups. Of course I then use all the tricks to win.

But I ask myself: What is the point of this? I dive into your world as a blood-red intruder without being asked. I’m automatically outnumbered because I almost exclusively meet opposing teams. And then I should also play politely?

As a reminder, the NPC that teaches you PvP invasions in Elden Ring has a high probability of killing your damsel and is taunting you for it. In addition, this NPC idolizes a bloodthirsty sadist and kidnapper.

Why should a player who imitates this NPC play fair?

The whole fantasy and point of invasions is that being mean is fun. You should destroy the fun of a group of warriors. This is explicitly your job as an invader.

If you want to play according to the etiquette rules, you should use the duelist’s finger. This item is in-game for exactly that purpose: to have fair, balanced PvP duels with equal and like-minded opponents who are also looking for such duels.

As an intruder, it is not my job to treat you fairly or with respect. It’s my job to kill you, no matter what. And that’s how I’m going to play, because that’s the way the game wants me to play.

Invasions in Elden Ring are meant to be unfair, just like “Gosh, don’t trouble yourself” is supposed to infuriate, and in Among Us you have to lie to and betray your friends: these emotions are an explicit part of the gameplay and are fully calculated and intended.

Getting angry at intruders and calling them unfair spoilsports isn’t an insult, it’s a compliment. Because it shows that I’m playing the role exactly as the developers intended.

So feel free to insult me, keep whining about being unfair, and feel free to bow again anytime. It just makes it easier for me to slaughter you guys with my fun Blood build – exactly what FromSoftware wants me to do.

Can you misplay Elden Ring? – Only if you tell others how to play

This problem in PvP is representative of a much larger problem in the Souls community. The elitist snootiness of a certain part of the community. It’s about people who think they see the game better than the developers themselves; People who get mad if anyone dares to play co-op as a mage – in a game where there is mage and co-op.

A popular discussion surrounding Elden Ring and other FromSoftware games is: Can these games be played wrong? It’s not about taking advantage of nasty exploits, but about completely legitimate ways of playing that were foreseen by the developers.

We at MeinMMO have also dedicated a podcast to this question:

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My opinion on this is quite clear: Yes, you can misplay Elden Ring. But only if you accuse other players of playing the game wrong.

Unfortunately, this type of player abounds in the community. At some point they invented a sacred code for the FromSoftware games that they would like to impose on all players. It’s the immortal 2 words they believe every “true Souls fan” must follow: “git gud”.

Git gud is the most terrifying, annoying, downright obnoxious mentality you can play Elden Ring with. This horrible mantra is a false exaggeration and means something like “just play better”.

This motto has given countless potential Souls fans the wrong image of FromSoftware games, perhaps scaring them off forever. Because you don’t have to be able to react better than physically possible to be successful in the Elden Ring.

Anyone who makes clever use of the countless mechanics in the game can succeed. And that’s what makes the games so good: the difficulty is steep, but you can always win in some way. The game gives you enough options to do that.

Elden Ring PvP task
Elden Ring doesn’t dictate how “honorably” I play it. But parts of the community do.

The players from the “Git Gud” cult don’t see it that way. They believe quick reactions and ‘honorable’ melee combat is the only correct way to play the Elden Ring. For some reason they don’t understand, they think they understand Elden Ring better than the developers themselves.

The following things, which FromSoftware put into the game with a lot of effort, intelligence and caution, are forbidden for this cult:

Most of the rewards in the open world are Spells, Ashes of War, and Ashes of Spirit. If these purists have their way, they’re all completely wasted time on the part of players and developers.

And then you read on the internet how these ‘noble purists’ bite their teeth when it comes to bosses, because their pure melee builds don’t work well with every boss. Again and again they get screwed – because they’re playing Elden Ring wrong precisely because they don’t want to play the game “wrong”.

The game and the complete desEsports Extrasphilosophy behind it says to the players: Exploit all these possibilities! Each unlocked spell is a clear wave of the fencepost. Instead, certain players insist that this fence post may only be used for stupid banging on.

So much work and thought goes into every mechanic and bit of game desEsports Extrasthat it’s more heretical to say them not to use. If you’re struggling in Elden Ring and feel that a boss or invader is too unfair, that’s your own self-created problem.

If, on top of that, you insist on dragging other players down to make your own misery feel worthwhile in some way, there’s only one right answer: git gud.

This is also very easy with our guides, tricks and tips! You can find a practical overview here:

Elden Ring: All of our guides, beginner tips and builds at a glance


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