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Play Star Citizen completely free for a week: 66 ships and the vastness of space accessible to all

The Star Citizen space simulator takes a tour of almost a decade since its first version was launched on the market. Even so, despite having so many years behind him, the work of Cloud Imperium is years away from seeing his debut. longed for version 1.0but we can test what the open world of Star Citizen has to offer us in a completely free.

As on past occasions, the Cloud Imperium team offers a free trial that will last, in this case, no less than 11 days, from last Saturday 21 to next may 31. Far from being a simple promotion to attract new pilots, the Cloud Imperium team celebrates the Invictus Launch Week 2952 during this month, where players will be able to try out the 66 ships of the game for a limited time.

The Invictus Launch Week It is a recurring event in Star Citizen and although it serves to expand the catalog of ships to test those that have already been launched to explore its spatial immensity, it is enormously attractive for the novice player. In addition, the game will enable the platform landing gear Orison for the first time in the face of the Invictus event.

During the launch week of Invictus 2952, one of the most powerful warships in the Star Citizen universe, the massive Aegis Javelin will dock at Everus Harbour, Baijini Point, Port Tressler and Orison. At each location, attendees will be able to access and travel the interior parts of this spectacular ship. Likewise, Invictus 2952 adds new voice lines to the Javelin tour, sharing additional details on the mighty UEEN warship.

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