Play Starfield five days before release: all information about early access

play starfield five days before release: all information about early

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Play Starfield five days before release: all information about early access

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You can get up to five days early access.

Microsoft and Bethesda presented Starfield extensively in their own presentation. The space role-playing game will be released on September 6, 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. But there is a way to get into the game for a full five days. We’ll tell you what requirements you have to meet.

Rather gamble Starfield: This is how you get five days of early access

How do I get the five days early access? In order to be able to play Starfield on September 1, 2023, you have to spend additional money. The title is given a Collector’s Edition, which contains the digital Early Access bonus in addition to the physical items.

But that won’t be cheap: The Collector’s Edition costs a whopping 300 euros, but is already sold out at Bethesda. If you are only interested in early access, the edition may not be an option for you due to the high price. But fortunately there is an even cheaper way.

The mega RPG at a glance:

There will be a premium upgrade that only costs 35 euros. Starfield itself is not included in this package, but with the upgrade you get the following goodies in addition to early access:

  • Steel Book showcase
  • Constellation patch
  • Story expansion “Shattered Space Story”
  • Constellation skin pack
  • Digital art book
  • Original soundtrack

So if the Collectors Edition is too expensive for you, you can get the game with some bonuses and early access for around 115 euros. Xbox Game Pass subscribers save even more because Starfield will be added to the subscription service at launch.

Another alternative is the Starfield Premium Edition: This includes the base game as well as the premium upgrade and costs “only” 110 euros. In addition, there is a small skin package on top.

You can check out the trailer from the showcase on GamePro in case you missed it:

Starfield - The SciFi Skyrim in the gameplay trailer

start video


Starfield – The “SciFi Skyrim” in the gameplay trailer

This is what the Collector’s Edition offers

The price of the Collector’s Edition already reveals that there will be a lot of content. In addition to the main game and the content from the premium upgrade, there is also a stylish watch.

The smart watch can connect to the smartphone and is equipped with functions such as notifications.

By the way: It’s worth checking out other retailers. While the Collector’s Edition is sold out at Bethesda, there are other sellers who still have the special edition available right now.

When do you plan to play Starfield: at release, five days before or when it’s on sale? Tell us in the comments!

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