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Call of Duty

Player can be celebrated for accuracy in Call of Duty – Twitch bans him shortly afterwards for cheating

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In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the Twitch streamer “MPControlWard” apparently sees himself as a gifted shooter. In a clip he shows his hit accuracy in CoD: Modern Warfare and can be celebrated: But just a few days later, players examine a clip of him and believe: He uses cheats, a combination of aimbot and wallhack. Twitch then banned him.

Where can he celebrate?? The streamer “MPControlWard” has achieved partner status on Twitch and primarily plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He transmits with face and hand cam to show that everything is going right for him.


On July 19, he published a clip on Twitter: The video shows almost 30 seconds of outstanding aiming in Call of Duty with mouse and keyboard: the streamer seems to stay perfectly on targets and to be an accurate hunter.

The title of the clip is “Aimbot Reflexes” – according to the motto: I aim as well as if I had an active aimbot, but it’s just my insanely good reflexes.

In the comments, he is praised for his superior accuracy.


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Reddit users examine another clip that looks suspiciously like aimbot

what went wrong On Saturday, August 6th, a user of the forum reddit published a clip of the Twitch stream and posted it to the Livestreamfails subreddit. He said: The clip clearly shows that the streamer is using an “aimbot” because it switches to targets hidden behind a wall.

In the clip you could then see that the streamer aimed at walls or houses and started shooting. Apparently there were always players behind these walls, but he could neither see nor reach them (via lsf).


On reddit it says:

“He uses a flick aimbot along with a wallhack. As soon as he shoots at the first enemy, he switches to an enemy that is behind the building. He stands there for 2 seconds not realizing what’s going on, even shoots at the building and walls, then runs and right where he fired he sees a guy with 2 others behind the wall.”

Streamer thinks he’s super secretly cheating, but he’s forgetting a telltale detail

Twitch bans the CoD streamer for 7 days

How is Twitch reacting? As the player himself posted on Twitter, he was banned from Twitch for “cheating in an online game.”


He thinks he was wrongly banned here for 7 days. Apparently that was just an automatic ban because of the Reddit post. The streamer does not seem to see any guilt in himself.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II “Ultimate Team” teaser

Outside of e-sports, shooter achievements hardly count today

This is behind it: This shows a problem of shooter players on Twitch:

  • At a high level, strong players are often accused of using an aimbot. In some cases that is actually true.
  • This makes it extremely difficult to make a name for yourself with strong actions outside of a professional environment where cheating is closely monitored
  • Because strong performances always raise the suspicion: “But he’s cheating.”

Call of Duty has had a major cheater problem for years:

CoD: Warzone advertises how hard they ban a cheater – but he continues to cheat