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Player Says Diablo 4 Is The “Loneliest Multiplayer Game” He’s Ever Played

diablo 4: players are now complaining about the class that

Blizzard sold diablo 4 as an action RPG with a strong multiplayer part. But many players are wondering where all the players are. In fact, some believe they’ve never felt so lonely in any other multiplayer game.

Blizzard had strictly decided against an offline mode for Diablo 4. Instead, the developer marketed the action RPG as a game with a strong online connection. Diablo 4 relies on various multiplayer components like no other game in the series:


But that’s exactly what the community is now criticizing. She doesn’t complain about the features in general, instead she complains that Diablo 4 makes you feel pretty lonely.

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Diablo 4 is an online game with no real online features

A gamer shares his frustration on reddit and explains in his emotional post, “Diablo IV is the loneliest multiplayer game I’ve ever encountered.” And he makes several points that he explains:

  • There is no global chat like you are used to from real MMOs.
  • You will look in vain for a channel where you could exchange information about items or affixes.
  • There is a complete lack of a trade or help chat where you could exchange ideas at all.
  • Inviting other players is much too cumbersome compared to real MMOs.
  • There are guilds, but you can only join one and they would only allow a maximum of 150 people.

What are other players saying? The reactions are very mixed. Some confirm his points and say it would feel similar to them. Blizzard would have put a lot of cool ideas into the game but forgot the “social” aspect somewhere halfway.

Some say the problem with Diablo 4 is that it can’t decide what it wants to be. It is neither a real single player game nor a real MMO. As one player writes:


I feel like Diablo 4 is trying to be both a single player and an MMO experience without really succeeding at both. Both feel a bit immature.

Another added:

Do you know why it feels lonely? Because it’s not an MMO. It’s a solo/co-op game. Just like its predecessors.

It’s an amazing decision by Blizzard to use a shared world. People wouldn’t complain so much about the content or the world and many other things if they [Blizzard] she [ddie Spielwelt] would have simply kept it as a solo/co-op world, as is actually the game.

But there are also players who contradict the trend: Because even if there were such chats and options, you wouldn’t want to use all that stuff anyway. “I just want to play alone and occasionally play with friends,” says one user. He doesn’t care about all the chats.


Others are even more explicit by explaining: Global or public chat would be the first thing they would turn off outright. Because you don’t want to be killed by a loud, unpleasant chat:

Years in WoW have taught me that there is [der globale Chat] is the first channel I mute when I don’t want to bring the twitch chat experience into my session.

What is the player tendency? But the majority can actually understand the “loneliness” of the player. No one would say hello to another player, and most players would flee after the mission was completed.

Many players have been demanding that Blizzard please bring an offline mode for Diablo 4. So that you can at least play properly and in peace alone. But that should be very unlikely in view of the strong interlocking with online features.


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What’s next for Diablo 4? In the background, the developers are busy preparing new content and, above all, new updates. The second season with vampires as a theme has already been announced for autumn 2023.

And in Diablo 4, some things will change in the near future. Because Blizzard has planned a lot of new content for the future of the action RPG, the boss explained at gamescom 2023. We present a whole handful of facts in the following article directly on MeinMMO:

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