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Player shows off early Diablo 4 gameplay when he’s not allowed to – fans mock his stupidity

There are more and more leaks about Diablo 4, since the first alpha is apparently running. The test is strictly limited and only selected people get in at all. Leakers are easy to spot. Fans find it pretty stupid for this leaker, which showed tons of gameplay for Daiblo 4.

What does the gameplay show?

  • Some screenshots and even a short clip have surfaced from an early alpha build showing character creation, difficulties and even bits of a cinematic.
  • In addition, the leaks have already revealed information about Diablo 4’s loot system and trading items.
  • The download size should be around 70 GB for the PC.
  • Fans are actively discussing the shown and actually secret content, but at the same time have ridicule for the leakers, who have almost carelessly disclosed their identity.

If you want to get a “legal” impression of Diablo 4, you can check out the release trailer here – or sEsports Extrasup for the upcoming beta:

Diablo 4 reveals release timeline and new gameplay – Shows character editor and open world in trailer

This is the new leaked content: Immediately after the end of the partially recorded intro cinematic, the player enters the character selection. There he can look at the 5 classes of Diablo 4 and then choose the druid.

The quite plump model of the class can be seen in the adjustments with different genders, skin colors and other adjustment options. However, the options for tutorials and difficulties are particularly exciting.

In the tutorial you can obviously choose whether you want to be guided more or less. New players should therefore seek better advice. In terms of difficulty, there are 2 options to choose from in the build shown:

  • World Tier 1 “Adventurer”
    • For new players or those looking for an easier challenge.
    • Enemies are easier to defeat.
    • Item drops are “average.”
  • World Tier 2 “Veteran”
    • For veterans looking for a challenge.
    • Opponents have a higher difficulty.
    • Better drops and more gold and experience.

The difficulty should be able to be changed in the game at a statue in Kyovashad. However, keep in mind that this is information from an early alpha build. A lot can change before the beta or the release, especially since the release is not due until sometime in 2023.

Of the 5 starting classes, the Necromancer is the last to be introduced. In the cinematic you can see what the dark necromancers stand for:

Diablo 4 Reveals Final Release Class In Trailer – See The Necromancer Here

Recordings have watermarks – player may get in trouble

What makes the leaks so whimsical is the watermark. Everywhere you can see that it is the “Private Test Build 508546”. For Blizzard, this is something like the tester’s calling card, since the number can be used to uniquely assEsports Extrasa tester.

The leaker himself does not seem to know that he is subject to a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) for the alpha. In the clip he says: “I don’t even know if I’m even allowed to stream it.”

On reddit, some Diablo fans are wondering how anyone can be “so stupid”. They also consider what penalties the leaker and whoever invited them might face. Assumptions range from exclusion from this and other tests to job loss for the recruiter.

Diablo 4 is probably already good, even if nobody is allowed to say that

The users also point out that confidentiality is repeatedly pointed out. We don’t know what penalties testers will get for breaking this NDA. Contracts that we know at MeinMMO, however, sometimes had sensitive monetary penalties associated with a breach of contract.

The leaked content quickly disappeared from Twitter and Co in the original, but was uploaded to other platforms shortly afterwards and has been circulating ever since. It remains to be seen whether there will be more leaks – but we suspect that more attention will now be paid to them.

We won’t know what Diablo 4 will finally look like until 2023. But MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus already has wishes that certainly not everyone shares:

I want Diablo 4 to be like Diablo Immortal

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