Player struggles through 8 years of horrible mini-game in an MMORPG – For 49 seconds on Twitch

In the . Old School Runescape (Steam), a player went to extraordinary lengths to produce an absurd twitch clip that has already been seen by 210,000 people: The player NC State struggled through a terrible mini-game, the Brimhaven, for over 8 years Steeplechase to set a record for exp per minute.

What did the player do?

  • As a friend of the player explains on reddit, NC State has been completing the Brimhaven obstacle course minigame in Old School Runescape for 8 years. There is an EXP reward for this that can be redeemed. However, the player did not redeem these rewards, but hoarded them.
  • On January 26, he then packed the accumulated 178 million hoarded EXP into the “Agility” skill and needed 49 seconds to do so: he clicked like crazy, as you can see in a clip on Twitch: With each click he solved 1,000 of the accumulated runs in the obstacle course and gave his hero a significant Exp injection.
  • This extremely high EXP inflow in such a short time brought Runescape’s Exp system to its limits after just a few seconds: Because with the cut he got 10.8 billion EXP per hour – the counter only managed 2.147 billion per hour, then it was Ending.

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You can see the clip on Twitch of how the player gets the agility points and overloads the system here:

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8 years agony for 49 seconds viral clip on Twitch

Does all this make sense? No, not in any way. As PC Gamer notes, the Agility stat in OldSchool Runescape isn’t all that great, you just get some stamina and can take some shortcuts in the game. In fact, the obstacle course is considered one of the main ways to level the skill.

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In any case, you only need 13 million EXP to bring agility to level 99 and thus to the maximum. The remaining 165 million Exp were actually blown into the air.

After all, a Twitch clip came out that already has 210,000 views.

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Player needed almost 5,000 hours for the action

How awful was it for the player? This obstacle course is loathed by many Runescape players.

For NC State, however, the place has become a second home. When asked that he must have spent around 4,800 hours there to earn the experience points, he said:

I would add that Brimhaven is, or at least can be, a place to relax if you don’t do the obstacles while you wait. Most of the time you watch YouTube, read the news, surf the net and such. I was almost never on the PC just to do agility, but I pretty much always had Runescape on no matter what.

How is this discussed? The top comment on reddit sums it up well: “What the fuck lmao?” So amazement mixed with amusement.

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Another user says: The Runescape community always surprises him by completing tasks that even a fraction of it would be enough to drive a normal person to despair.

Apparently the rate of experience points per hour was one of the highest ever achieved in old school RuneScape – if that was important to the player.

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