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players are not satisfied with the change in the new heroes

Players could now access new heroes through the Battle Pass, jeopardizing accessibility to Overwatch 2 characters.

Overwatch 2: players are not satisfied with the change in the new heroes

Everything has been a back and forth after Overwatch expanded its horizons in the Overwatch 2 beta. Although many of the changes in its maps have favored the aesthetics of the game -presenting some of the most emblematic places from around the world-, in addition to the fact that other game modes are already available in which fans can increase or decrease the difficulty. From his departure with the day and night lighting changes, these modifications have also been extended to the heroes.

This last point is especially important because in the past there had already been problems with Mercy, when Overwatch 2 beta wanted to make her a much more accessible character, however, the opposite effect turned out to be clumsy and uncontrollable; something that greatly affected the conception that players had about their favorite heroes, who had received their respective update. Mercy’s case, fortunately, was not that of the others. However, she did rethink the future of the installment once certain features were included.

Transformations Might Not Be So Good For Overwatch 2 Heroes

Thus, there are again certain “problems” with the development of Overwatch 2. And this time they have to do with a change with how players will be able to unlock new heroes, as they will now appear on the free Battle Pass track. This second installment, as in its predecessor, will add other new features to keep the game fresh.

Once Overwatch 2 launches in early access on October 4fans of Blizzard’s shooter will have three new heroes at their disposal: the tank hero Junker Queen, the damage hero Sojourn and a new support hero that has not been officially revealed so far.

Recently, internet leaks revealed important information about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, showing that new heroes can only be unlocked through Battle Pass progression. Of course, the main concern of the fans was that this would force them to buy the premium Battle Pass just to get the new heroes of the title, but Jon Spector -of Blizzard- came out to clarify some things about these changes in his account. Twitter.


As Spector explained in his post, the new Overwatch 2 heroes will have to be unlocked through the Battle Pass, however. will be available as part of the free circuitnot the premium Battle Pass.

To tell the truth, the fans’ concern was more than justified. In other titles like Halo Infinite, and most games of its genre, they use a Battle Pass system, where they have passes that will have content available for a limited time. If players don’t complete a Battle Pass during the season it’s available, it means they won’t get the custom content.

So, Overwatch fans believed it would be the same dynamic with unlocking new Overwatch 2 heroes if they’re not playing while their Battle Pass launches. And in light of the notable concern from fans, Spector responded to a Twitter user with the following: “We will have free paths to get new heroes in future seasons as well.”

This answer could mean that at some point new heroes will be available to unlock regardless of whether the Starter Battle Pass is lost. Although it still doesn’t give enough information for them to eventually be afraid of unlocking the heroes if they aren’t playing at any given time.


Fortunately, more details on how the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass will work will be shared in a few weeks and, being on the eve of its launch, it will most likely not take long for the developers to come out and give the relevant information. On the other hand, it is very possible that players will be able to get the new heroes without problems, but it is logical that they are still not sure how this system will work in the game.

All in all, after the launch of Overwatch in the year 2016, players have been receiving a significant number of heroes completely. This meant that all players would have the same pools of heroes and therefore the games would be fair, which is very important considering that Overwatch is a fairly competitive game. And the fact that there is such a significant change to unlock heroes that not everyone would have access to would create more problems than incentives. In the meantime, we would have to wait for more news about the Battle Pass and the new Overwatch 2 characters.

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