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Players find this DLC clue in Scarlet and Purple

During the Pokemon Presents on February 27, 2023 by the pokemon day revealed the details of the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC: The Turquoise Mask and The Indigo Disc, which are scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023. Following this announcement, several players began to point out this in-game clue about the expansions.

For example, the user @soulsiverart posted the following tweet showing this track from DLC on Pokemon Scarlet and Purple:

In the images you can see a poster with faces drawn very similar to Munkidori, Okidogi and fezandipiti. They appear as an ad Treasure Inn, a restaurant located in Pueblo Mestura and that is part of the exam that must be passed to participate in the Normal type Gym against the Laureano leader. An interesting fact is that it is precisely here where we can change the Teratype of the Pokemon and perhaps that has some relevance.

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The poster appears in the same trailer of the announcement between the 17th and 19th second:


These Pokemon were shown during the presentation of the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC. And they would be tied in with the new DLC region, noroteo. Also, it seems that they will be important for the first part of the DLC. Until now, no user had given importance to this poster. It is also not ruled out that the same poster appears in other areas of the video game or even other clues that may be equally relevant.

On the other hand, the images that we know of the new Pokemon anime may have also shown the relationship between some artifacts with the Teracrystallization phenomenon. Although these are only theories.


What other details are known about the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC?

So far, no clues have been found DLC on Pokemon Scarlet and Purple of the new legendaries: Ogerpon and Terapagos. The first belonging to La Máscara Turquesa and the second to El disco indigo. Although the players point out the very possible theory that Terapagos is the cause or has to do in some way with the phenomenon of Teracrystallization. If this is so, it would mean that he would be the pokemon disc appearing in the Book of Scarlet and Purple:

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Not that they look that much alike, but the new ones don’t look that much alike either. pokemon paradox, which are equally related to other sketches in the Books. On the other hand, it has been presented the turquoise mask as the first part and the indigo disc like the second, so both are a united story. The set of the two parts will be called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

As mentioned above, the release date of the first part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC is planned for fall 2023 and its second part for winter 2023 in nintendoswitch. However, the exact date is still unknown. In addition, they have not shown much else in the Pokemon Presents. In addition, they have also shown two new Paradox Pokemon, compatibility with Pokemon Home and Pokemon GO and the following description:

The Area Zero treasure trove for Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Purple is coming soon! With this downloadable content, you can continue to enjoy this adventure and delve even deeper into the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple. Area Zero’s treasure trove includes the New Uniform Bundle, which contains new clothing you can immediately wear in your game of Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Purple, and two expansions: Part I: The Turquoise Mask and Part II: The Indigo Disc. It is about two parts that end up connecting to tell a story.

The New Paradox Pokemon

These two new Paradox Pokemon were introduced to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: Water Ripple (Water/Dragon) and Ferverdor (Grass/Psychic). They will be from February 27, 2023 to March 12, 2023 in the teraincursions. Both resemble sketches from the Book of Scarlet and Purple, although they have some different characteristics, something that has given rise to theories among users.

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What do you think of what they have taught about Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC? What are your theories? Will you get these expansions?

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